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Added physical reach +  foreign languages interpretation = enhanced quality of care + patient retention + very many new patients


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California Cougar Communications offers international communications services that help companies thrive in today\\'s global economy. Since 1994, this company has provided over-the-telephone interpretation and audio translation services to government and business clients in the USA and in the UK.


Mission: Our goal is to facilitate technical, business, and personal communication in a global environment by eliminating cultural and linguistic barriers. 


Philosophy: We strive to understand the specific requirements of each customer. When customers first contact us, we ask questions about their business process and goals, then we select the language professional with the appropriate background, education, and experience. We monitor the situation continuously, to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs. 


Commitment: Our team of professional interpreters takes pride in delivering a reliable and high-quality service. We have developed expertise in several industries, so we can help you to communicate in an efficient and effective manner.



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