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Data and Internet Solutions Benefits


We support you when you are exchanging messages via fax or over the Internet. These messages include faxes sent with a fax machine, e-mail text, and faxes, voicemail, and videos sent as attachments to an e-mail message.


Audio and Document Translation


Audio Translation Solutions


We offer audio rendition of e-mail text, faxes, voicemail and video messages.


Document Translation Solutions


We offer audio rendition of e-mail text, faxes, voicemail and video messages.



User-friendly procedure - You can send us your electronic files, we will send you back an audio file with the translation.


More effective than written translation - Tone of voice and subtext can positively influence the recipient of your message.


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Billing for Voicemail Audio Rendition of Email Text, Fax, or Voicemail


We will provide an audio voicemail file with audio translation of e-mail text, fax, or voicemail


This service is billed in one-minute increments, and rounded up to the next highest whole minute. A minimum 15 minutes fee applies; if the audio translation exceed 15 minutes, you pay a flat rate per minute. The time needed for the rendition of written text or of a vocal message depends on the number of words in the original message. The message in foreign language might be longer than it is in English, because certain concepts must be conveyed with a descriptive phrase.


Since clarity is a vital requirements, we spell the most important words, and we repeat the numbers, so that the recipient can gather the information easily, rather than having to replay the message several times.


Note: If the audio file is the vocal rendition of a video file, the speech is not synchronized with the lip movements or the images.



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