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Added physical reach +  foreign languages interpretation = enhanced quality of care + patient retention + very many new patients
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Business Requirements


Medical practices have the following requirements

Efficient, effective, and timely communication with patients, including those who speak a foreign language,

Excellent communication, despite language and cultural barriers,

Time savings in communication with non-English speakers,

 Cost-effective alternatives to hiring bilingual staff.

Office administration requirements

Efficient solutions for communications with non-English speakers,

Easy to use bill payment solutions.


Over-the-Telephone Interpretation Solution


Telephone Interpretation Addresses the Requirements

In over-the-phone interpretation, an interpreter listens while your customers or business partners speak in another language, and then conveys the meaning to you in English. The conversation proceeds with the interpreter as an intermediary between or among the parties involved.



Telephone connection

From the telecommunications point of view, the setup may vary. Most businesses have the conference call feature activated, so their staff can add the interpreter as a member of the conference call. Individuals usually can activate the conference call feature from their home phone through an option provided by their telephone company.


Patients on your premises

If there is a telephone connection between you and the interpreter and your customers or business partners are in the same location as you, you can pass the telephone back and forth. Alternatively, you can use a loudspeaker or multiple headsets

Patients in another location

There must be a three-way telephone connection (conference call) that involves you, your customers or your business partners, and the interpreter.


In general, if you are dialing to reach patients, you can call the interpreter before calling them. This way you have a chance to brief the interpreter; if you are receiving a call, you can add the interpreter to the conference call later.


Italian language Interpretation Benefits


Convenience - Access to professional interpreters.

Clear communication - The interpreters are skilled, knowledgeable, and certified by industry recognized organizations.  These language professional will accurately translate your sentences in a foreign language, and will ask all parties involved in the conversation for clarifications, if necessary.

Effective and reliable communication - Our experience can benefit you. We started providing over the telephone language interpretation services over 20 years ago. In addition, our interpreters are trained in medical, insurance, telecommunications, high-technology, and technical terminology.

Confidentiality - Interpreters are bound by a confidentiality agreement to ensure client privacy.

Usage-based fees - You do not have to pay a monthly fee. A minimum 15 minutes fee applies; if the call exceed 15 minutes, you pay a flat rate per minute for phone interpretation. The same rate applies regardless of the time of day or the day of the week.  Billing statements are tailored to your company (i.e. bill by claim number, office location, or cost center).

User-friendly procedure - After setting up an account, you can follow a three-step process to speak with an interpreter:

1. Dial our number

2. Mention your Access Code

3. Brief the interpreter, if necessary

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